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This month’s frustration - New Study Recruitment

Is your site struggling to attract new studies?

For many small to midsize investigator sites the challenge to find clinical study opportunities continues to increase. Some sites resort to expensive ­ and at times unscrupulous ­ study brokers in the hopes of fulfilling their study recruitment needs. On other occasions, sites desperate to fill a need will grab the next study they are accepted for without conducting a proper analysis of the study to ensure adequate financial remuneration or proper fit to their study population. The desperation is sometimes so severe that the site loses any negotiating leverage it may have had.

There is a better way to generate study leads and ultimately acquire new studies.

Just as with any other activity in a research program, study recruitment must be done in an effective and consistent process. We have a proven process that will help you fill your study with qualified leads.

Before contacting a study broker, schedule a 15-minute appointment with Research Answers.

We can discuss how Research Answers can generate study leads at a fraction of the cost of a study broker through our Site Productivity Program (SPP).

SPP offers resources, contacts, and a written process that your research staff can follow, enabling creation of a consistent marketing program common in all successful investigative sites.

We’ll provide you with strategies, contacts and structure to create a new study pipeline that will not only funnel studies to your site in the short term, but also well into the future. We can help make your site more efficient in all other areas of clinical research as well.

Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you how to improve your site’s profitability.

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Successful research does not happen by accident. Research Answers can help build a high performing site with the “pillars of success.”

*Effective organizational structure
*Sound financial management
*Efficient SOPs
*Comprehensive study recruitment
*Robust enrollment
*Strategic physician involvement

Are you a physician/investigator that is frustrated by your site enrollment? Or by the incredible administrative burden of research? Research Answers can help provide your site with the tools and best practices used by the top enrolling sites.

Contact us to learn more:
Phone: 904 476-7961